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Cameron Highlanders (Queens Own)

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There are:41784 pages and articles tagged Cameron Highlanders (Queens Own) available in our Library

Those known to have served with

Cameron Highlanders (Queens Own)

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Adamson James Stark. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.23rd Nov 1917)
  • Alexander William. Pte. 6th Battalion
  • Bateman Arthur Cyril. Capt. att. 7th Btn. Cameron Highlanders (d.28th Mar 1918)
  • Black James. Pte. 6th Btn (d.24th April 1917)
  • Blades David. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.13th July 1915)
  • Chapman Horrace John. (d.5th May 1915)
  • Christie John. L/Cpl. 7th Btn. (d.28th Sep 1915)
  • Clark John Rattray. Sgt. 7th Btn. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Deary Robert R. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Donaldson John. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.5th March 1915)
  • Douglas Dugald. Pte. (d.21st September 1917)
  • Douglas-Hamilton Angus Falcolner. Lt-Col. 6th Btn. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Douglas-Hamilton Lesley Reginald Coventry. Mjr. (d.24th Jul 1916)
  • Downie Thomas. Sgt.
  • Frew Andrew Cunninghame. Cpl. 6th Btn. C Coy. (d.30th April 1917)
  • Fyfe Alexander. Cpl.
  • Hall William. Pte. 4th Btn. (d.23rd Aug 1917)
  • Hanna Frederick George. L/Cpl. 6th Btn. (d.17th Jul 1917)
  • Harris James. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.5th Nov 1914)
  • Home William. Cpl. 1st Battalion (d.14th Sep 1914)
  • Johnstone William. Pte. 6th Battalion (d.15th Sep 1918)
  • King John. Pte.
  • Macdonald Donald John. Pte. (d.5th October 1915)
  • MacDonald Norman. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.2nd Jun 1916)
  • Macdonald William. Pte. 5th Btn. C Coy. 12th Platoon (d.14th Oct 1917)
  • Macdonald William John. Pte. 4th Btn.
  • Mackie William. Cpl.
  • Mackintosh James Samuel. Pte. 1st Battalion
  • MacKintosh James Samuel. Pte. 1st Battalion
  • Malpas J.. Lsgt. 24th (Tyneside Irish) Battalion
  • Marr Hugh. Pte. 6th Btn.
  • McLintic Francis Thomas. QMS.
  • Miles Charles. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Miles Charles. Private 5th Battalion (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Millar Robert. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.26th Mar 1915)
  • Millar Robert. Pte. 1st btn. (d.26th March 1915)
  • Miller James. Pte. 3rd Btn. A Company
  • Milne Charles William. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Mitchell Charles. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Morrison Alexander. Capt. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Munro George. Cpl. Trench Mortor, 5th Btn.
  • Murray Thomas Salton. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.14th Sept 1914)
  • Murrison William Harry. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.21st October 1918)
  • Oatway William. Sgt. 5th Battalion (d.3rd Nov 1918)
  • Pender Jock. Cpl.
  • Pickard Claude. Pte,. 5th Battalion (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Pickard Claude Ernest. Pte. 5th Battalion (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Ramsay George. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.11th March 1915)
  • Ridge Patrick. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.28th Jan 1915)
  • Small John. Sgt. 7th Btn.
  • Smith Alexander. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.10th Jul 1915)
  • Smith John William. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.8th July 1918)
  • Snowie Hugh Alexander. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.23rd July 1918)
  • Spurr Douglas Bateman. Pte. 1/4th Battalion (d.10th March 1915)
  • Stokes Samuel Frederick Bellwood Douglas. Pte 7th Battalion (d.22nd Aug 1917)
  • Taylor Andrew Miller. Pte. 5th Btn.
  • Tollerton Ross. Sgt.
  • Walker . Cpl. 1st Btn.
  • Whigham James. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.11th Nov 1914)
  • Wilson Robert Sharpe. Sgt.
  • Woods Andrew. 2nd Battalion
  • Youell Stanley John. Pte. 4th Battalion (d.14th Oct 1915)

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June 2017

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Lt-Col. Angus Falcolner Douglas-Hamilton VC. 6th Btn. Cameron Highlanders (d.26th Sep 1915)

Whilst commanding 6th Bn. Cameron Highlanders Lt-Col. Angus Douglas-Hamilton was killed in action on the 26th of September 1915 age 52 and is commemorated on the Loos Memorial in France.

An extract from The London Gazette, dated 18th Nov., 1915, recorded the following:- "For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty when commanding his battalion during operations on 25th and 26th September, 1915, on Hill 70. On the 26th, when the battalions on his right and left had retired, he rallied his own battalion again and again, and led his men forward four times. The last time he led all that remained, consisting of about fifty men, in a most gallant manner and was killed at their head. It was mainly due to his bravery, untiring energy and splendid leadership that the line at this point was enabled to check the enemy's advance."

s flynn


Pte. Thomas Salton Murray 1st Btn. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (d.14th Sept 1914)

Pte. Thomas S. Murray, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Doing genealogy research of my mother's side of the family, I came across Pte. Thomas Salton Murray. I had already researched his brother, Cpl Andrew Murray MM, killed during the Battle of Cambrai, as my mother's middle name was Andreen to commemorate him. Both had joined the 1st Btn. The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders; Thomas in 1914 and his brother a little later.

The tragic thing is that neither body was found and therefore they did not have a grave; what this did to my great-grandmother is unimaginable. Fortunately, all seven of the other children survived. The family has a picture of each soldier and my cousin has the medals of both men.

Pte. T. S. Murray and Cpl. A. Murray

Tony Sheffield


Cpl. Andrew Cunninghame Frew 6th Btn. C Coy. Cameron Highlanders (d.30th April 1917)

Andrew Frew died on the 30th of April 1917 of gunshot wounds received on 14th of April. He was aged 21 and is buried in in the Etaples Military Cemetery in France, son of Francis Frew and Jessie Jaffray Paterson Frew. Native of Irvine, Ayrshire.

s flynn


Cpl. Jock Pender Queens own Camerion Highlanders

On the 31st July 1917, the first day of the battle of Ypres, my Father Jock Pender was repairing telephone communication cables close to Square Farm near Frezenberg, just east of Ypres with L/Cpl "Wee" Hanna. Jock was sniped and hit on the right shoulder. He fell and Wee Hanna ran over to help him, at which point Hanna was also sniped presumably by the same sniper. He fell dead on top of his friend. My Father used to tell how he lay there for hours, till darkness fell and allowed him to struggle from under Hanna's body and make his way back to his base. When Hanna was searched for later he couldn't be found, presumably buried in the Flanders mud.

Burnett Pender


Lsgt. J. Malpas 24th (Tyneside Irish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers

J Malpas served with the 24th Northumberland Fusiliers and later the Cameron Highlanders



Pte. William John Macdonald 4th Btn. Cameron Highlanders

William Macdonald served with the 4th Cameron Highlanders.

George Macdonald


Pte. William Harry Murrison 5th Btn. The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (d.21st October 1918)

William served with the 5th (Service) Battalion. Formed at Inverness in August 1914 as part of K1 and came under orders of 26th Brigade in 9th (Scottish) Division. Moved to Aldershot and in February 1915 went to Bordon. Landed at Boulogne on 10 May 1915.



Pte. Claude Ernest Pickard 5th Battalion Cameron Highlanders (d.3rd May 1917)

My great great grandfather's brother was Claude Pickard, who was only 22 when he died in May 1917. As far as I know, he had a friend he enlisted with, and we know certain things about the family and our ancestors but for the most part his life remains a mystery, and how and exactly where he died are unknown to us.

We know the basics, he was apparently born in Shafton, in Yorkshire, he was born in 1895 thereabouts, and also had a few brothers and lots of sisters. I would love to find out more about him, or any pictures if anyone knows of a relationship to him at all.

Sophie Barton


Pte. James Black 6th Btn Cameron Highlanders (d.24th April 1917)

James Black was working at the London Home of the Marquis of Ripon at the time of his enlistment.

He is remembered on a Memorial in St Mary's Church Studley Royal, Ripon, the main home of the Marquis of Ripon.

Trevor Kitchen


Cpl. Walker 1st Btn. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Cpl. Walker was a prisoner in Gustrow POW Camp.


Pte. George Ramsay 1st Btn. Queen's Own Cameron Highlands (d.11th March 1915)

Pte George Ramsay, aged 32, died of typhus pn 11th March 1915 during the outbreak at Wittenberg POW Camp. He is buried in Berlin South Western Cemetery, grave XIX.C.12.


Cpl. Alexander Fyfe Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Corporal Fyfe was captured in September 1914 and was sent to Giessen and Merseburg POW camps.


Pte. James "Snow" Miller 3rd Btn. A Company Cameron Highlanders

James Miller, is my Grandfather, born in Greenock, Scotland and immigrated to New Zealand in 1927. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm all his records, due to the fire that destroyed records. All we have is this photo and the knowledge that he was gassed during the war which affected him for his remaining years. He died in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand in 1961 after a happy and successful life.

Adrienne Miller


QMS. Francis Thomas McLintic Cameron Highlanders

My grandfather Francis McLintic enlisted in Inverness in the Cameron Highlanders in 1906 and was injured at the Battle of the Somme. He was discharged due to shell shock and lived the rest of his life, as I understand it, in institutions of some sort until 1963 when he died in Edinburgh. His last residence was with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, although according to one of the nuns his last known address before that was "West House". I don't know where that is. I do not know where he stayed between being discharged and his ultimate death since his wife, my grandmother moved the entire family [my father and aunt and a couple of her younger sisters] down to England since her husband didn't recognize her any more. It is a sad story.

By chance a few years ago I googled the name of my grandfather's sister and as a result came into contact with that side of the family. They too did not know much about their uncle Frank since their mother never visited him although she talked fondly of him. It was a veil of silence over both parts of the family and indeed, when I was a child I was told he had been killed in the First World War. I had no photos of him or my great grandfather since my grandmother had burned them all. As a result of my googling efforts though I received a wonderful surprise - the reconnected side of the family sent me photos of him and my great grandfather and great grandmother as well as other photos of my father and aunt. The stigma of mental illness, I suppose, was so huge that people could not bring themselves to admit they had a relative who suffered from it. My grandmother lived the rest of her days in England, a staunch member of the local church, pretending she was a widow.

Anne McLintic Smith


Pte. William Alexander 6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders

I always knew my grandfather, William Alexander, my dad's dad, was in the Cameron Highlanders and was in the 1st World War, but very little information was passed down. My dad was 22 when his dad died and he would tell us about our grandad and the Battle of the Somme and how he was shot in the shoulder. My dad only found out as a teenager when he asked his dad about the scars on his shoulder, the answer was "son they are there, so you will never have to have the same" and that was that.

It wasn't until after his death that my grandmother spoke about my grandfather's injuries and the effects it had on him. He never spoke of it and never told any of his four children. He went on to have two billiard rooms in Glasgow, one in the Trongate up from the old C&A and one in the Great Western Road, near his beloved Glasgow Rangers. He and my grandmother also had a boarding house in Beach Way Largs for many years. He died in 1951 aged 61. I never met him as I was born 10 years later, but my dad said he was a wonderful, kind, loving man that everyone loved, a real gem. His mother was Clementina Shand Daniel, the daughter of the poet William Shand Daniel and they originated from Fraserburgh and the Shands of Craigellie. And old highland and patriotic family. I wish I had met him, I feel so honoured and proud of him.

If anyone has anymore information on the 6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders, please could you let me know. Thank you.

Maya Dixon


Pte. William Hall 4th Btn. Cameron Highlanders (d.23rd Aug 1917)

Billy Hall is my 1st cousin once removed. All I had was his name and photo but managed to trace his family and eventually find his death record on Scotland's People, then on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site. He is buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery.


Pte. James Whigham 1st Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (d.11th Nov 1914)

James Whigham died fighting at the Battle of Nonne Bosschen.

John Whigham


Horrace John Chapman Cameron Highlanders (d.5th May 1915)

Pte Horrace John Chapman, 2nd Battalion Cameron Highlanders was killed in action at Hill 60

Marcelle Ross


Sgt. Ross Tollerton Cameron Highlanders

In 1914 Ross Tollerton was working in the Irvine Shipyard as an engine keeper, having left the army in 1912 following seven years service. As a reservist he was recalled to the Cameron Highlanders at the outbreak of war.

On the 14th September the 1st Cameron Highlanders were involved in an attack on German lines and lost 600 men to machine-gun fire. Amongst the wounded was Lieutenant J. S. M. Matheson, Tollerton's commanding officer, who lay in full view of the German gunners. Without regard for his own life, and under heavy fire, Tollerton rushed towards him and carried him over his shoulder to a place of greater safety. Despite being wounded in the head and hand, he rejoined his company’s firing line and remained there until the order was given to retreat. Completely surrounded by the German army, Private Tollerton returned to Matheson and remained with him for 3 days, with only water to sustain them, until they were both rescued. Matheson who had been shot in the spine, survived the ordeal.

Tollerton was awarded the Victoria Cross for his act of bravery. The medal was presented to Tollerton by King George V at a ceremony at Glasgow Green on 18th May 1915. His Citation reads: His citation reads: “For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty on the 14th September at the battle of the Aisne. He carried a wounded officer under heavy fire as far as he was able to a place of safety, then, although himself wounded in the head and hand, he struggled back to the firing line, where he remained till his battalion retired, when he returned to the wounded officer and lay beside him for three days until they were both rescued.” Promoted to Sergeant, Tollerton returned to the Western Front and survived the war.

s flynn


Sgt. John Rattray Clark 7th Btn. Queens Own Cameron Highlanders (d.25th Sep 1915)

I have a small New Testament and Psalms book, the inside cover of which is inscribed: Sgt. J. Rattray Clark, 13521 Cameron Highlanders 7, and signed R. Clark 1915. If descendants of Sgt. Clark are known and would like this Bible, I would be very pleased to send it.

Editor's Note: John was the son of the late James and Julia Clark, of Sandyford, Glasgow and the husband of Lucy Sarah Clark, of Vicarage Road, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. He was killed in action and is buried at Loos British Cemetery.

Mark Ladd

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There are:41784 pages and articles tagged Cameron Highlanders (Queens Own) available in our Library
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History of the 9th (Scottish) Division

John Ewing

The division’s record is graphically described in this history - what Field Marshal Lord Plumer in his foreword referred to as “a record of wonderful development of fighting efficiency.” There are useful appendices giving the Order of Battle, command and staff lists with the various changes; a table showing periods spent in the line, with locations; a table of battle casualties and the VC citations. The maps are good with adequate detail for actions to be followed.


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