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Border Regiment

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There are:41580 pages and articles tagged Border Regiment available in our Library

Those known to have served with

Border Regiment

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Abram Robert. 2nd Lt. 3rd Btn. (d.26th Oct 1917)
  • Acton Abraham. Pte. 2nd Btn. B Coy. (d.16th May 1916)
  • Alcock Alexander Francis. Sgt. 2nd Btn. (d.25th Oct 1914)
  • Apps Victor George. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.29th September 1916)
  • Archer William Henry. Pte. 7th Btn (d.8th Apr 1916)
  • Arnold Charles. CQMS 2nd Composite Btn., No 1 Coy.
  • Bailey L.. Pte. 9th Btn.
  • Barnes Herbert. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.23rd Oct 1914)
  • Barnes William Steele. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Barron Louis. Lt. 10th Btn. (d.19th July 1916)
  • Beck Jocelyn. Pte.
  • Bell Reginald Atkinson. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.14th July 1916)
  • Bentley Joseph Henry. L/Cpl. 6th Btn. (d.7th Jun 1917)
  • Bewley John. Pte. (d.19th May 1917)
  • Blacklock Thomas Edward. Sgt. 9th Battalion
  • Bowley Thomas Henry. CSM. 2nd Btn. (d.26th Oct 1914)
  • Bradwell Fred. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.20th Jun 1916)
  • Bramley Leonard Hunter. Pte. 11th Battalion, B Coy. (d.13th Apr 1918)
  • Brogden Herbert. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.29th June 1915)
  • Brown George John. Sgt. 8th Btn. (d.7th July 1916)
  • Butterworth Enoch. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.13th Jul 1917)
  • Callaghan Peter. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.16th May 1915)
  • Callow Joseph. Pte. 7th Battalion (d.19th Dec 1915)
  • Catterall Samuel James. Sgt. 8th Btn. (d.8th Aug 1917)
  • Catterall Samuel James. Sgt. 8th Btn. (d.8th Aug 1917)
  • Chadds Harry Francis. Maj. 2nd Btn.
  • Chandler Alfred James. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Charlton Thomas William. A/Cpl 6th Batallion (d.26th September 1916)
  • Clarke John. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.12th October 1916)
  • Clay Reuben. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.26th Oct 1917)
  • Coan Francis. Pte. 2nd Btn.
  • Coles Arthur Robert. Pte. 12th/13th Btn. (d.8th Oct 1918)
  • Constantine William. Capt. 7th (West. and Cumb. Yeomanry) Btn. (d.18th Sep 1918)
  • Cookson James. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.25th Aug 1918)
  • Coppinger Sydney. Pte. 11th Btn (d.18th Mar 1917)
  • Davidson George. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.7th June 1917)
  • Dornan William. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Dugdale Thomas. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.1st Jul 1916)
  • Dunning William Edwin. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.18th Dec 1914)
  • Dutton Horace Frederick. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.31st Jan 1917)
  • Earl Thomas. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.14th Jul 1916)
  • Edwards Robert Richard. Pte. 23rd Btn. (d.8th October 1918)
  • Elliott Marshall. Pte. 5th Battalion, B Company (d.26th March 1918)
  • Ellis Albert. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.13th August 1915)
  • Ellwood John Townson. Cpl. 8th Btn. (d.27th May 1918)
  • Elson Arthur. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.27th Jan 1917)
  • England James. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.23rd June 1916)
  • England James. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.23rd June 1916)
  • Errington Joseph. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.20th Oct 1916)
  • Evans John Francis. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.17th Aug 1916)
  • Excelby Albert Hugill. Pte 5th Btn.
  • Finch William. 5th Btn.
  • Fox William Henry. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.25th Nov 1917)
  • Gaffing Daniel. Sgt. 7th Battalion (d.23rd Apr 1917)
  • Gaffney Francis. Rflmn. 5th Battalion
  • Gaines Ernest. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.5th Jul 1916)
  • Gamage Frederick William. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.1st July 1916)
  • Gibson William. Pte. 11th Btn.
  • Gillett John Robert. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.9th Aug 1915)
  • Gleeson Patrick Joseph. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.6th May 1915)
  • Greenan James. Sergeant 6th Btn. (d.7th Jun 1917)
  • Griffiths Robert Handel Mendelsohn. Pte. 3rd Btn. (d.29th Aug 1914)
  • Halsall Robert. Pte. 7th West and Cumberland Yeomanry (d.18th September 1918)
  • Halsall Robert. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.18th September 1918)
  • Hammond Robert Henry. L/Cp. 7th Btn. (d.7th Aug 1916)
  • Hammond Robert Henry. L/Cpl. 7th Btn. (d.7th August 1916)
  • Hammond Vincent Edward. Pte. 11th (d.18th Nov 1916)
  • Hancock J.. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.20th Sep 1918)
  • Hardy Thomas. 2nd Btn.
  • Harris R. A. M.. Capt. 11th Btn.
  • Haslam William. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Heap Robert Robinson. Cpl. 6th Btn. (d.7th Jun 1917)
  • Hebson Joseph Wilson. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.23rd March 1918)
  • Henry Charles William. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.22nd Feb1916)
  • Hetherington George. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.30th Nov 1916)
  • Heywood Stephen. Pte. 7th Battalion (d.23rd Apr 1917)
  • Hold Edmund. Cpl. 8th Btn. (d.15th Jul 1916)
  • Holdsworth Tom Brown. Pte 1st Btn (d.19th May 1917)
  • Howe Herbert. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.28th June 1915)
  • Howe William. Pte. 11th Battalion (d.2nd Dec 1917)
  • Irving David. Pte.
  • Isles Joseph McPheat. Sgt. 11th Btn. (d.10th Nov 1916)
  • Jackson James. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.5th July 1916)
  • Johnson Frederick. Pte. 2nd Btn (d.1st Aug 1918)
  • Jones Christopher Edward. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.26th Oct 1914)
  • Jordan Edward James. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.8th Nov 1918)
  • Jordan Edward James. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.8th Nov 1918)
  • Kew Arthur. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.27th January 1917)
  • Lake John Charles. Pte. 1st Bn. (d.20th March 1917)
  • Lamb George William. Pte. 7th Battalion (d.13th Sep 1915)
  • Langton John Thomas. Pte. 1st Btn (d.1st July 1916)
  • Lawns George. Pte. 9th Battalion
  • Leach John Norman. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.31st May 1918)
  • Leach John Norman. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.31st May 1918)
  • Lippman Simon. Pte. 7th Battalion (d.23rd Apr 1917)
  • Livesey Vincent. L/Cpl. 2nd Btn.
  • Lomas William. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.22nd Mar 1918)
  • Long John Edward. L/Sgt 11th Battalion (d.18th Nov 1916)
  • Madine William. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.23rd April 1917)
  • Marriott Harry. Pte. 2nd Battalion, Machine Gun Section (d.25th September 1915)
  • McClair H.. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.1st Aug 1918)
  • McDonald John. Pte. 7th Battalion (d.23rd April 1917)
  • McLaughlin Robert William. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.2nd Nov 1914)
  • McMullen John. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.1st Jul 1916)
  • Mcpherson John William. Pte. 7th Battalion
  • Moritz Oscar Frank. 2nd Lt. 99th Btn (d.27th July 1916)
  • Morris James William. Pte. 6th Battalion (d.2nd Oct 1916)
  • Mosdell Arthur. Sgt. 2nd Battalion
  • Nash William David. Pte C Company (d.1st July 1916)
  • Neen Thomas. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.27th July 1916)
  • Newton Herbert. Pte. 8th Battalion (d.13th July 1917)
  • Nylands Michael. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.6th Nov 1918)
  • O'Brian James. 3rd Btn. (d.2nd Sep 1914)
  • O'Brien Thomas William. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Painter George Harry. L/Cpl. 2nd Btn., A Coy. (d.29th April 1916)
  • Parsons Robert William. L/Cpl. 3rd Btn.
  • Perriss Charles Henry. Pte. 2nd Battalion
  • Preston William Carter. 2nd Lt. 8th Battalion (d.10th Apr 1918)
  • Preston William Carter. 2nd Lt. 8th Btn. (d.10th Apr 1918)
  • Prestwich Herbert. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.30th Sep 1918)
  • Rae Allan. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.5th July 1916)
  • Rhodes John Kenneth. 2nd Lt. 10th Battalion (d.16th Jul 1916)
  • Richards D. H.. Pte
  • Ridley Abraham. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.7th Aug 1915)
  • Robinson Thomas. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.23rd April 1917)
  • Rook Morton. Pte. 5th Btn.
  • Routledge John. 6th Btn. (d.9th Aug 1915)
  • Scrivens John. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.18 Mar 1916)
  • Scrivin Albert. Pte. 2/4th Btn.
  • Sewell Gilbert. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.2nd Apr 1918)
  • Sidebotham Samuel Wilfred. Pte. 9th Btn.
  • Sim John. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.7th Jun 1917)
  • Skinner Thomas. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.14th Aug 1915)
  • Smith Ellis. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.15th Apr 1917)
  • Stacey Archie. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.13th May 1915)
  • Stacey Archie. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.13th May 1915)
  • Taylor Harold Ruth. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.1th July 1917)
  • Trewick Thomas. Pte. 7th Battalion, A Company. (d.4th May 1918)
  • Trotter James Percival. Pte. 1/5th Btn. (d.1st October 1918)
  • Turner Cuthbert. 2nd Lt. 7th Battalion (d.23rd April 1917)
  • Tweddle John. L/Cpl. 8th Btn. (d.28th April 1916)
  • Walker John. Pte. 33rd Coy. (d.10th Jun 1917)
  • Walker John. Pte. 33rd Coy. (d.20th June 1917)
  • Wallace David. Cpl. 6th Battalion (d.9th Aug 1915)
  • Ward Thomas George. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.23rd April 1917)
  • Weightman Harry. Pte. 11th (Lonsdale) Btn.
  • Welsh Nicholas. Pte. 2nd Battalion, B Company (d.16th May 1915)
  • Whitby John Arthur. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.11th Apr 1918)
  • Whittaker Frederick. L/Cpl. 1st Btn. (d.1st Jul 1915)
  • Wilkinson Leonard Norman. L/Sgt 2nd Battalion (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Wilson Edward. Pte. 6th Battalion (d.9th August 1915)
  • Wood Andrew Philip. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.28th June 1915)
  • Wood Edward. Pte. 3rd Btn. (d.19th Feb 1917)
  • Yeowart William Nixon. Sgt. 5th Btn.

All names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List

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Pte. John Norman Leach 11th Btn. Border Regiment (d.31st May 1918)

John Leach died of wounds on the 31st of May 1918, aged 19 and buried in Etaples Military Cemetery in France. He was the son of Fred and Julia Leach, of 81, Alexandra Rd., Morecambe, Lancs.

s flynn


Sgt. Joseph McPheat Isles 11th Btn. Border Regiment (d.10th Nov 1916)

Joseph Isles was killed in action on 10th November 1916, aged 25. he is buried in the Lonsdale Cemetery in France.

s flynn


Pte. Jocelyn Beck Border Regiment

Our GG Uncle Jocelyn Beck was from Kendal (then Westmorland) and served in the Border Regiment. He was severely injured and was sent to the Norfolk War Hospital. Researching our family history we have just come across this newspaper article. Unfortunately there is no date on the article.

Jean Foy


Pte. Abraham Acton VC 2nd Btn. B Coy. Border Regiment (d.16th May 1916)

Abraham Acton was killed in action on the 16th of May 1915, aged 21 and is commemorated on Le Touret Memorial in France. He wasthe son of Robert and Elizabeth Eleanor Acton, of 4 Regent Square, Senhouse St., Whitehaven, Cumberland.

s flynn


Pte. John Norman Leach 11th Btn. Border Regiment (d.31st May 1918)

John Leach died of wounds on the 31st of May 1918, aged 19 and buried in Etaples Military Cemetery in France. He was the son of Fred and Julia Leach, of 81, Alexandra Rd., Morecambe, Lancs.

s flynn


Pte. Ernest Gaines 8th Btn. Border Regiment (d.5th Jul 1916)

Ernest Gaines was a regular soldier. Living at Rigg Street, Caldew Gate, Carlise, Cumbria. He served in the 8th Border Regiment. He was born in York. A romany traveller man. He was sent to Romney Marsh Camp for training purposes in March to May 1916. He embarked to Boulonge. He was at Thiepval, the Somme on the 5th of July. He and his company took the German front lines and held them for 90 minutes. Till lack of reinforcement and ammmo forced a retreat. Sadly Ernest was killed/lost. He left a wife Annie and boy Alexander. He has no grave. But is on the Thiepval Memorial.

Robert Mtchell


Pte. Christopher Edward Jones 2nd Btn. Border Regiment (d.26th Oct 1914)

My Grandad's brother Christopher Edward Jones also served in the Great War but sadly was killed 26th October 1914. He was with the 2nd Btn Border Regiment. His wife Rosina and son are in the picture also grandmother (wife of Alfred) and his 2 children. Christopher Edward Jones is remembered at the Ypres Menin Gate Memorial.

Barbara Smith


Pte. Robert William McLaughlin 2nd Btn. Border Regiment (d.2nd Nov 1914)

My grandmother, Annie McClellan, married Robert Mclaughlin in 1908 in Carlisle. They quickly had two children in two years and were living in Swansea in 1911 where Willie is recorded as a nickel worker. The family came back to Carlisle and when war broke out in 1914, Willie quickly enlisted in the 2nd Battalion, Border Regiment. He was 29 years old (born July 1885.) He died on 2nd of November 1914 and his name appears on the Menin Gate.

A Maddick


Maj. Harry Francis Chadds MID, MC. 2nd Btn. Border Regiment

Harry Chadds survived the war but was killed in a flying accident at Castlebar on 23rd of August 1920 and is buried in the Castlebar Church of Ireland, Co. Mayo, Ireland. He was born on 30th October 1890 in the Curragh, Co. Kildare.

S Flynn


L/Cpl. Vincent Livesey 2nd Btn. Border Regiment

Vincent Livesey was the Son of John Thomas and Mary Livesey of 16 Collins Road, Bamber Bridge, Preston. He was aged 19 when he died on 28th April 1920 and is buried in the lower part of the New Ground in the Castlebar Catholic Cemetery, Co.Mayo, Ireland.

s flynn


Pte. Joseph Wilson Hebson 5th Btn. Border Regiment (d.23rd March 1918)

Joseph Hebson worked as a porter and signalman at Threlkeld Station on the CKPR. He was killed on the Somme in 1918 and is commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial and on the CKPR tablet on the south side of the war memorial in Keswick.

Pete Armstrong


Pte. Albert Ellis 1st Btn. Border Regiment (d.13th August 1915)

Albert Ellis died in the Royal Edward, sunk by a German U-boat.

Barry Ellis


Pte. Robert Halsall 7th West and Cumberland Yeomanry Border Regiment (d.18th September 1918)

Robert Halsall was reported missing at Gauche Wood, France. Later he was presumed dead. His body was never found. He is Commemorated on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Pas de Calais, Franc.


CQMS Charles Arnold 2nd Composite Btn., No 1 Coy. Border Regiment

Company Quarter Master Sergeant Charles Arnold served at Mustapha Camp, Alexandria, Egypt in December 1915. The camp was on the sea. Despite having endured the worst Christmas dinner of his seven in the army by that time – the lack of Xmas pudding and walnuts was remarked upon – Charlie would happily have spent the duration of the war there. He was an Old Contemptible who had been badly wounded in August 1914 during the retreat from Mons. Sergeant Arnold was my grandfather and I am transcribing letters he wrote during the Great War to his future wife, my grandmother.

Stephen Royle


Pte. James Percival Trotter 1/5th Btn. Border Regiment (d.1st October 1918)

James Trotter was born to Charles Trotter and Jemima Smith in the final quarter of 1897 in Rye, East Sussex. He was the son of a timber carrier. He enlisted in Hastings, East Sussex and served as 3081 and 290849, The Royal Sussex Regiment. He had two brothers, Robert Lionel and Charles Theadore and a half sister from the father's previous marriage, Edith Grace Voice whose mother died in 1886.

He was killed in action, I think in the Battle of Canal du Nord, (part of the battle of the Hindenburg Line). He is remembered with honour on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial, situated between Arras and Cambrai.

Patricia Donoghue


Pte. Thomas Dugdale 11th Btn. Border Regiment (d.1st Jul 1916)

Thomas Dugdale served with the 11th Btn. Border Regiment.

D Jarvis


Pte. William Steele Barnes 1st Btn. Border Regiment (d.1st July 1916)

William Barnes was the husband of Mrs Harriet Barnes and they had three children (my Uncle Billy, Aunts Bertha & Maude). William & Harriet were both born in the Bristol area, but later moved to County Durham after their marriage. Their family home was at Lower Dyke Street, Trimdon Colliery, County Durham. He was killed in action on 1st day of the Somme Battle on 1st of July 1916 and his grave is situated at Mailly Wood Cemetery, at Mailly Maillet, France.

(As far as I am aware) William and my grandfather were best mates- volunteering at the same time at Trimdon Colliery as part of Lord Kitcheners volunteers. William later transferred to the 1st Battalion, Border Regiment & my gandfather went into 5th Battalion, Connaught Rangers as Pte 5003 John A Bradley & survived the war My grandfather, upon returning home to Trimdon Colliery after being demobilised in 1919 learnt that his mate had been killed. His widow Harriet married my grandfather in 1920. Unfortunately I do not have any photographs of William and I do not know his date of birth.

Andrew Bradley


Sgt. Samuel James Catterall MM CdeG 8th Btn. Border Regiment (d.8th Aug 1917)

Samuel was a Lancashire coal miner. He served with the 8th Btn Border Regiment and 75th Trench Mortar Battery. He was survived by his wife Betsy (nee Atherton) and children Wilfred, Mathew, Thomas and Edna. On behalf of the public of Ashton-in-Makerfield Lady Mary Gerrard presented an inscribed gold pocket watch to Betsy. This watch remained in the family until About 1975 when in the temporary custody of Mathew's wife Hilda it and the Belgium medal was either lost or stolen and has never been recovered

James Edward Catterall


L/Cp. Robert Henry Hammond 7th Btn. Border Regiment (d.7th Aug 1916)

Robert Hammond lived in Runhall Norfolk at the outbreak of war. He was a team master on a local farm and married to Laura Amelia Hurrell. They had 5 children, the oldest being my father John. He enlisted in Norwich with the Norfolk Regiment and was transferred in 1916 to the 7th Border Regiment. He was involved in a suicidal attack at 4.30 pm on the 7th of August 1916 in Delville Wood, the same attack as Harold Cope who's tunic is on display at the IWM. He was listed as missing and has no known grave. I have seen a letter in our local paper from his wife asking if anyone knew of his whereabouts, with a picture. He is commemorated on a plaque in Runhall church and also on the board for hymn numbers.

Tim Hammond


Pte. Harry Weightman 11th (Lonsdale) Btn. Border Regiment

My grandad, Harry Weightman, served with the 11th (Lonsdale) Btn. Border Regiment. He was wounded during the war in his elbow. Harry died of lung cancer in 1966. I was only seven at the time, so I didn't get to know him well, but I'm very proud of him.

Brian Robertson

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There are:41580 pages and articles tagged Border Regiment available in our Library
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Border Regiment in the Great War

H.C. Wylly

Border Regiment in the Great War

Col. H. C. Wylly

Tightly written regimental history of the Border Regiment in the Great War, which blends the story of its 13 battalions in six theatres of war into one continuous narrative. lllustrated by 14 photographic plates and seven maps.
Diary of 2/4th Battalion the Border Regiment, 1914-19

Reproduction of a book published before 1923


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