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East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)

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There are:55440 pages and articles tagged East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) available in our Library

Those known to have served with

East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Archer Albert Erskine Carson. 2nd Lt. (d.9th Feb 1916)
  • Auburn Herbert George. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.29th Aug 1918)
  • Balls Daniel Methuen French. Pte. 10th Battalion
  • Beck Alfred James. Pte. 2nd Btn (d.28 Sep 1915)
  • Beedie Joseph Clark. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.17th March 1917)
  • Bishop Herbert Victor. Pte. 8th Btn.
  • Blake John. Pte. 1/5th Btn. (d.14th Sep 1943)
  • Body John. Col. 5th Battalion
  • Boulding Edward. Capt. 5th Btn.
  • Boulding Edward. Capt. 5th Btn.
  • Box Frank Charles. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.12th Feb 1916)
  • Burchett J.. 2nd Btn.
  • Butcher Frederick Charles. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.27th Aug 1918)
  • Cave Herbert James. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.11th July 1917)
  • Child Robert Deacon de Quincy. 2nd.Lt. 1st Btn.
  • Clifford Thomas. Pte. 7th Battalion
  • Cockerell Harry. Pte. 4th Battalion
  • Coleman John Stanley. L/Cpl. 4th Battalion
  • Corke James. Pte. 7th Battalion (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Cotter William Richard. Cpl. 6th Btn. (d.14th March 1916)
  • Cottingham John Albert . Pte. 6th Battalion (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Creek George. L/Cpl. 5th Btn. (d.21st Mar 1917)
  • Culver Alfred Edward. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.19th April 1915)
  • Dormer Arthur. L/Cpl 1st/5th Btn. (d.25th June 1916)
  • Eddon Joseph Edwards. Pte. 7th Battalion (d.2nd October 1916)
  • Eveleigh Alfred E.. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.24th Feb 1916)
  • Ewell Rueben Peter.
  • Fellows Percy James. Pte. 10th Battalion (d.13th Oct 1918)
  • Fellows Percy James. Private 10th Battalion (d.13th Oct 1918)
  • Gawler Robert. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.24th Feb 1916)
  • Hamblin Ivan Clarence. Sjt. 2nd Btn.
  • Heasman Charles. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.18th Aug 1916)
  • Hills Herbert Walter. Sjt. 1st Battalion (d.31st May 1918)
  • Hobbs William. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.20th Sep 1918)
  • Jacklin Walter Brocklesby. Pte. 3rd Btn.
  • Jarvis Ophir Alfred. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.30th Nov 1916)
  • Jay William. Pte. 1/5th Btn.
  • Jenner Arthur. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.28th Aug 1917 )
  • Jordan Walter Henry. Pte. 6th Btn (d.7th Oct 1916)
  • Kerman Frank. Sgt 7Th (d.8 April 1918)
  • Kirby Robert Arthur. 2nd Lt. 11 Coy. (d.11th May 1917)
  • Larkin James Albert. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.20th Dec 1916)
  • Lawrence Stanley. Pte. 10th Btn (d.13th Aug 1918)
  • Lewis Charles Herbert. L/Cpl. 8th Btn.
  • Machon Charles John. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.7th Aug 1917)
  • Martin Lewis Edwin . Cpl. 6th Btn. (d.7th Oct 1916)
  • Ninnis Allan Edmund. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.2nd Aug 1918)
  • Parr Richard George. Sgt. 8th Btn.
  • Phillips Geoffrey William. Sgt. 4th Btn.
  • Pierson William Charles. Pte. 1/5th Battalion
  • Piggott Horace. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.23rd Aug 1918)
  • Quinnel Oliver J.. L/Cpl. (d.9th Feb 1915)
  • Quinnell Oliver James. L/Cpl. 2nd Battalion (d.9th Feb 1915)
  • Richardson John Asshell. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.21st Sep 1918)
  • Rivers Robert Samuel. Pte. 8th Battalion (d.18th Aug 1916)
  • Saunders Bert. Pte. 6th Btn. C Coy (d.18th March 1916)
  • Scuddan Alfred. Pte. 7th Btn. (d.5th Oct 1916)
  • Seager Lewis Richard Turner. Pte. 7th Btn.
  • Smith Harry. Pte. (d.6th January 1916)
  • Thompson William L.. Pte. 6th Btn. (d.22nd Apr 1916)
  • Waters Robert George. Pte.
  • Webb Lionel. 8th Btn. (d.18th Aug 1916)
  • Winch William Haffenden. 2nd Lt. 5th Btn. (d.13th Jan 1916)

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June 2017

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World War 1 One ww1 wwII greatwar great
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Pte. Herbert George Auburn 6th Btn. East Kent Regiment (d.29th Aug 1918)

My uncle Herbert George Auburn, my fathers eldest brother. My father (aged 3) remembers standing in the kitchen one morning when Herbert, came into the kitchen dressed in full uniform. 'Look at me mum' said Herbert, 'don't I look smart', my grandmother cried and my father never saw him again. So sad.

Still remembered Herbert, you were never forgotten by your brokenhearted parents, brothers and sisters. RIP.

Herbert George Auburn served with the 6th Battalion, East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)during WW1 and died on the 29th August 1918. He is buried in the Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt, Somme, France.

Patricia Traveller


Cpl. William Richard Cotter VC 6th Btn. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) (d.14th March 1916)

William Cotter died of wounds on the 14th of March 1916, aged 33 and is buried in the Lillers Communal Cemetery in France.

An extract from The London Gazette, dated 28th March, 1916 (No. 29527), records the following:- "For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty. When his right leg had been blown off at the knee and he had also been wounded in both arms, he made his way unaided for fifty yards to a crater, steadied the men who were holding it, controlled their fire, issued orders, and altered the dispositions of his men to meet a fresh counter-attack by the enemy. For two hours he held his position, and only allowed his wounds to be roughly dressed when the attack had quieted down. He could not be moved back for fourteen hours, and during all this time had a cheery word for all who passed him. There is no doubt that his magnificent courage helped greatly to save a critical situation."

s flynn


Pte. Ophir Alfred Jarvis 7th Btn. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) (d.30th Nov 1916)

Ophir Alfred Jarvis died on the 30th of November 1916, aged 36. He is buried in the Etaples Military Cemetery in France. Husband of Selina F. Jarvis, of 9, Cranworth Rd., Hadleigh, Suffolk. Father of Evelyn and Margaret.

s flynn


2nd.Lt. Robert Deacon de Quincy Child 1st Btn. East Kent Regiment

My relative's name was Robert Deacon de Quincey Child, a soldier of WW1 in the East Kent Regiment and the RAF who was wounded in my country, France in 1916. He died in 1929

O. Thomas


Capt. Edward Boulding 5th Btn. East Kent Regiment

Edward Boulding, born at Parsonage Farm in Bonnington near Hythe in 1882, was the eldest of four children. His father, a farmer, died very young while Edward was only six or seven years old. As the eldest of the children he helped his mother work the farm and must have learned self-reliance at an early age. In 1900 he became an apprentice blacksmith and wheelwright at Bilsington. He remained at the village forge until he was mobilised as a Territorial at the outbreak of the 1914-18 war. He served in India and Mesopotamia where he was injured at the Battle of Kut (Sheik Sa'ad, 7th January 1916) and later was one of the first British soldiers into Baghdad when it was taken by the 5th regiment the Buffs in March 1917.

After service in Mesopotamia, after which he was commissioned as a Captain, in 1920, two years after the end of the war he returned to England and decided to embark on a teaching career. My late father recalled that his father Edward was at Shorncliffe army training camp when he was born in September 1914. As a baby of a few months old when Edward went off to war he did not know his father until he was eight years old when he returned from the Mesopotamia. My father remembered being taken around the village by a man in uniform to visit aunts and uncles.

After the war Edward Boulding spent two years at Goldsmiths College, London, after which he was appointed assistant master at Pembury. In 1927 he moved to Sandhurst as headmaster living at Windmill Cottage and later buying some land and building Windyridge where he lived until his death in 1960. Edward seemed to be involved in just about every local activity that you can imagine: He was a member of Cranbrook Rural Council and of the parish council and often presided at committee meetings. He helped in negotiations for which he secured the playing field for Sandhurst village. He became a member of the West Kent Div Executive Committee of the KEC. He was governor of Cranbrook School and chairman of the governors of Cranbrook County Secondary School for Boys. Capt. Boulding was also made a foundation governor of the Mary Sheafe School, Cranbrook. His activities in the world of music were so many they could not all be listed. In addition to being church organist, he trained several choirs and was a leader among choral societies and also a keen bell ringer. Among the many village tasks in which he took a pride was keeping the clock on time by winding it regularly. In the last war he was head of the local Special Constabulary.

Signal School Baghdad July 1918 Edward Boulding is officer 2nd from right Back row: Sgt Brown, Cpl Shelley, Hardie Tomkin, Millar, Reeves, CQMS Blunt,  ______ , Chimes, Teape, Hayes,. Boulding, Sgt Paine. 2nd row: Rippon, Marriott, Marwood (instructor British), Worsdell (Commandant), Sellick (Instructor Indians), Dawson, Salmon.



L/Cpl. Charles Herbert Lewis 8th Btn. East Kent Regiment

Bert Lewis served with the 8th Buffs. I know little about my father's war exploits, only what I can read of the history about his regiment/battalion campaigns in France and Belgium. Having joined up in 1914 and posted to France in August 1915, he must have taken part in numerous battles. He did receive serious injuries in the Somme, March 1918 in a short three-day battle at St. Quentin. The last information I have (in the form of certificate) is when he was honorably discharged on 6th May 1919.



Pte. James Albert Larkin 8th Btn. East Kent Regiment (d.20th Dec 1916)

I have no connection to James Albert Larkin, however I am part of the creation of the database for all service personnel who gave their lives and the memorials where they are remembered, and in researching an action around his death date and wanted to add him to this roll of honour.

Patricia Donoghue


Pte. Joseph Clark Beedie 1st Battalion East Kent Buffs (d.17th March 1917)

Joseph Clark Beedie (son of David Barclay Beedie and Helen Roberts Beedie) is buried at the Maroc British Cemetery Maroc in Grenay, France.

His brother Charles Beedie (7th Btn, Bedfordshire Regt) also died 15th Aug 1917 and is remembered on the Menin Gate.

His nephew William Adison Beedie (Black Watch) was shot in the ankle but survived the war

Graham Beedie


Pte. Thomas Clifford 7th Battalion East Kent Regiment

My maternal grandfather, Thomas Clifford, ran away from his home in 1916 at the age of 17 to join up. To avoid being traced, he travelled by train to Kent where he joined the Buffs, whilst still under age for military service.

He was captured during the misjudged advance through the quagmire at the Battle of Poelcapelle on 12th October 1917 and remained a prisoner of war until his release at the end of hostilities some 12 months later. My research turned up his POW record at Friedrichsfeld Prisoner of War camp, near Wesel in Germany. It shows that he was not wounded. Also his date of birth, 7.5.1899.

He never spoke about his experiences in the War, but had a lasting dislike for Earl Haig which never left him. He would spit on the floor outside the Earl Haig pub in Hounslow and no amount of free porter would ever have been enough to tempt him inside. On a personal note, he never had any contact with the family he left and to this day I know nothing of them. I guess he was one of the lucky ones, to survive and see his grandchildren.

Terry Lomax


Pte. Bert Saunders 6th Btn. C Coy East Kent Rgt (The Buffs) (d.18th March 1916)

My grandfather Bert Saunders was killed in action, aged 28, in Northern France in WWI. He is commemorated on the Loos Memorial.

Claire Bracken


Pte. Charles Heasman 8th Btn. East Kent Regiment (d.18th Aug 1916)

Private Charles Heasman from Kent. Served with 8th Battalion, East Kent Regiment. Died 18th August 1916. Charles was my great uncle. He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial

Linda Owen


Pte. Stanley Lawrence 10th Btn East Kent Regiment (d.13th Aug 1918)

Whilst researching my family tree I discovered that most of my relatives around the 1900s had lived in Wethersfield village in Essex. Along with my father and auntie I took a trip to the village to see if I could find any gravestones of the family. As we wandered around a small churchyard I noticed the church was open and no one was inside. We went in and had a look around. We discovered a marble memorial on the wall commemorating those from the village who had died in action in WW1. Two of my relatives were listed, one from the Machine Gun Corps and one from the Buffs. When I arrived home I did some research and found that they were my great grandfather's brothers. About 6 months later my father and I decided to visit their memorials in France, which we found very moving. I am now trying to find out which battle Stanley would have lost his life in.

Stewart Lawrence


Pte. Herbert Victor Bishop 8th Btn. East Kent Regiment

Herbert Victor Bishop served with 8th Btn. East Kent Regiment and was gassed (not known where), he died as result in 1933.

Steven Bishop


Lionel Webb 8th Btn. East Kent Regiment (d.18th Aug 1916)

Lionel Webb was in The 8th Buffs (East Kent Regiment), he died on the 18th of August 1916

Sharon Webb


Sgt. Richard George Parr 8th Btn. East Kent Regiment

Richard Parr served with the 8th Btn. East Kent Regiment

Gillian Pattenden


Pte. Alfred James Beck 2nd Btn East Kent Regiment (d.28 Sep 1915)

Alfred Beck is commemorated at Loos-en-Gohelle, in France

Private A Beck

Jenny Tidman


Capt. Edward Boulding 5th Btn. Royal East Kent Regiment

Edward Boulding was born 4th December 1881, Parsonage Farm, Bonnington, Hythe, Kent. He was married to Florence. Before the war he was an assistant Overseer & Rate Collector. Edward had qualified as Assistant Schoolmaster under Board of Education 1906 (Prelim. Certif Exam) and held Language Qualifications in Hindustani (Working Knowledge) and Arabic (Working Knowledge). He was mobilised with his battalion on the 4th August 1914 and in October 1914 he had 2 days embarkation leave prior to joining Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force with D Coy, 5th Buffs. He was promoted to Company Sergent Major on the 1st of May 1915.

The Battle of Sheikh Sa'ad, which occurred between 68 January 1916 during the Mesopotamian Campaign of the First World War. The battle took place along the banks of the Tigris River between the Anglo-Indian Tigris Corps and elements of the Ottoman Sixth Army. The engagement was the first in a series of assaults by the Tigris Corps to try to break through the Ottoman lines to relieve the besieged garrison at Kut. Edward was wounded at Shaik Said on the 7th of January 1916 He was admitted to hospital on the 17th. Notes by Medical Doctor: Two Gun Shot wounds [enhamcet?] flesh wound right upper arm & VIII 4 severe Right middle finger.

Edward was commissioned on the 29th of Aug 1919. He was the Regimental Signals Officer between July 1918 and Feb 1919. Then he was the Adjutant and Qm Base PL of C from 28th Feb to 4th April. On the 12th of April he became the Officer in Command War Gifts Meso & Sec CRC.

1920 on return from Mesopotamia

David Boulding


L/Cpl. John Stanley Coleman 4th Battalion East Kent Regiment

John Stanley Coleman was my grandfather, who served in India where he met my grandmother, Sybil. She was a young Anglo-Indian widow with 4 children. He sent them on ahead of his army discharge to his family in Dover, and on his return they moved to the north of England where they married in 1921. There were 2 children of their marriage, one of which was my mother. John took a job as the local postman in a small town (Romiley) until he retired in 1954.

He served in the Home Guard in WW2. He had learned to knit in the army, and I remember he knitted socks and gloves for me and my cousins, never used a pattern also crocheted bedspreads! He liked a drink, and played the piano in the local pubs to earn extra money, and was considered as something of a character. He was also a keen gardener, growing vegetables in an allotment. Sybil pre-deceased him, and he died in 1977. Like many of his generation, he never discussed his war service, and while I wish I knew more about that part of his life, I have fond memories of a wonderful grandad.

Eileen Britton


Pte. John Blake 1/5th Btn. East Kent Regiment (d.14th Sep 1943)

Jack Blake died on 14th of September 1943.



Pte. Alfred Edward Culver 2nd Btn. East Kent Regiment (d.19th April 1915)

On 10th April after a trying turn at St. Eloi, the Battalion marched to Zonnebeke and relieved the 153rd French Regiment, the 85th Brigade having three battalions in the front line with the Buffs in the centre. About the middle of the line was the Broodseinde cross-roads where the enemies' trenches approached very close to our own. The Germans had established a heavy trench mortar in a position secure from our artillery from which they brought a merciless fire on our lines, especially on B company which was on the cross-roads. This was the 2nd Battalions first experience of this weapon. Serious damage was done to the parapets and many lives were lost. Alfred Culver was one of them. He is remembered on the Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial. Unfortunately I have no photo's or other mementos of my grandfather.

Terry Culver

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